Of Curses and Blessings

When I became a Christian, one of the lessons that served as an eye-opener for me was the lesson on generational curses.  I have personally seen cases of adultery, pregnancies before marriage, and even poverty persist from generation to generation.  We often think that health problems, relational and family dysfunctions, sexual issues or sins, and even financial difficulties are “inherited,” “mana-mana” and sadly, we settle with having them – there is no escape, “yan talaga ang kapalaran, eh,”  “minana mo na yang sakit na yan,” “ganyan sya, dahil ganyan ang magulang nya”…But while it is true that many of the curses or problems we have now may be due to what our ancestors (grandparents, parents…) did, it is also true that in Jesus, there is victory over these curses!

Listen to Derek Prince…after having listened to this, I threw away stuff that I otherwise thought were harmless!  Oh, the occult can mask themselves in harmless objects!