High Street

Lights festooned from the trees
Christmas carols in the air
The chill of the December air
Quick hellos
Stolen glances
An imminent goodbye
Unspoken I love you’s


Demystifying You

You came into my life unexpectedly, unannounced
Causing an excited hush, a quiet rush.
And one day, we sat opposite each other
And you opened your mind to me
And I found renewed hope –
A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But days turned to weeks that turned to months
And we are still here, just here.
Your mere presence astounds me
As I decode your words, your questions.
You are a puzzle
That my mind cannot solve.

El Hogar, Please Don’t Go!

The thought of El Hogar being demolished infuriated me.  Read news item here.

el hogar 1

el hogar 2
El Hogar pictures taken from http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1699286


I had the privilege of going to Europe two years ago and what I found amazing was how historical buildings stand along modern ones in the middle of the city.  When I went to the museums, they had abundant artifacts that I ran out of camera memory because there were just so many pictures to take…a far cry from what I saw in Fort Santiago weeks after I had arrived from Europe.

Someone once said that perhaps our nation is the way it is because we are a forgetful nation.  We forget the sins of the people from the past and elect them as present leaders.  And just as we forget the sins of the past, we also tend to forget the glory of the past by demolishing historical buildings left and right.  Remember Jai Alai on Taft Avenue?

Photo taken from http://www.ivanhenares.com/2012/07/remember-jai-alai.html

Libro Lang Ang Usapan

From panitikan.com.ph



Gaganapin ang Kanto BookSwap sa The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village, Makati City, sa August 18, 3 pm. Konting rules para sa kasiyahan ng lahat:

1. Walang bentahan. Permanent swap lang. Walang suntukan.
2. Nasa ayos na kundisyon ang mga libro, amag-free at hindi kailangan ng tiyani para basahin ang pahina.
3. Pwedeng dalhin ang mga libro mula Aug 3 hanggang mismong Aug 18
4. Pwede lahat — artbooks, classic/contemp lit, poetry, photobooks, history, architecture, graphic books, biography, monographs at kahit anong printed material na hardback, paperback. Pwede din ang mga magazines, comics, zines, handmade books.

Pwedeng tayong magkwentuhan/magmonologue kung bakit mahilig tayong magbasa, anu-ano ang binabasa natin, sino ang mga paborito nating mga akda/authors at ano para sa atin ang halaga ng pagbabasa.

Facebook event ID: https://www.facebook.com/events/446564192118484/


At some point, you learn
That words are woven into stories,
Stories into lies,
And lies can make up a life;
That lies can make up a man;
That duplicity is contagious
As bad company corrupts good character.

At some point, you learn
That a coloured face can be a façade
And beneath is a can of worms
Feeding on nicks and cuts,
Picking on fresh, bloodied wounds
That will heal or won’t heal-
Only time can tell.

At some point, you learn
That a smile is just a mask;
That a hollow smile belies
The tempest in the heart –
Of rage, madness, and love,
Choosing different shades of grey
Over blacks and whites.

At some point, you learn
That an enemy multiplies kisses
But a friend’s wounds can be trusted;
That you hurt those you love,
And you’re hurt by those you love,
But you love anyway
Because you were loved first.

Love overcomes,
Looks beyond,
Overlooks the façade, the worms,
And heals.

And that Love is neither grey
Nor black nor white
But is red, scarlet
And turns your scars
As white as the snow
And makes you a new creation.

At some point, you meet Someone
Who sweeps you off your feet,
Promises you eternity,
And leaves a permanent mark on your soul.
Say “yes” and you are changed.