Explorations: Paseo de Santa Rosa

The thing about “moving” to a new place is that one needs to find where the nearest grocery, restaurant strip, school/university belt, and other places are.  And while Nuvali’s Solenad has a bunch of restaurants and a supermarket, my simple/traditional/probinsyana soul had been looking for the nearest palengke setup and lutong bahay/carinderia restaurants eversince I felt that, yes, this is it, Nuvali would soon be home!  Thanks to Our Awesome Planet, I found out about the turu-turo/paluto restaurants in Paseo de Santa Rosa.  Lutong bahay restaurant, check…palengke, check…some of our finds:

Nuvali Lagoon: If I remember correctly, this is actually a water treatment facility.
Looking more closely at the fish in the lagoon.
Dacky’s can be found at the back of the Paseo de Santa Rosa wet market.
Bulalo Dos, P200
Sizzling Tuna Belly, P195
Green Mango with Bagoong, P40
One Bottle of Iced Tea, P50

2 cups of rice: P20

Total bill for two people: P505

Happy tummy: priceless!


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