Breakfast at Antonio’s: Where Good Tapsilog and Good Design Mix


I went through some serious craving for tapsilog last month that I tried all forms of the ubiquitous all-day Filipino breakfast meal and comfort food for many – from the neighborhood carinderia’s tapsilog at around Php40 to Malcolm’s wagyu tapsilog at Php140 (melts in your mouth and had that vinegary, garlicky taste) to the most expensive tapsilog I’ve had by far, Breakfast at Antonio’s beef tapa at more than Php400 (with service charge). With this amount, I got a generous serving of beef tapa (more on the sweet side), baked beans, two eggs made any way you want, and garlic rice (other meals come with baked beans, eggs, and garlic rice, too).

Malcolm’s wagyu tapa with egg
My beef tapa with 2 eggs, baked beans and a slight view of dear friend’s dear cousin bacon (a bit too salty for me)…and the half-finished hot chocolate

This was also the second time that I ate baked beans, being not a fan of canned pork and beans because it tastes like, well, a can.  The first time I did was in London when I had English breakfast every single day that I was there – think toast, beans, egg, sausage, bacon, tomato, and mushrooms (yum!) and my tummy is now shouting hungry (again!…I just ate waffles an hour ago!) as I write.

English breakfast

Aside from the food, I took note of the design of the restaurant.  It may be because I am building my own house or I may just have a latent interest in design (naks! kunwari lang), but I often find myself looking at walls, ceilings, and floor tiles these days.  I liked the black and white theme of the resto combined with what appeared to me to be a country living design of the building.  The restroom was also something to be commended given its big cubicles, toilet paper, paper towels, and bag hook and of course , it was clean (yes, to me, one of the indications a restaurant was well thought of and is well-maintained is its restroom – at least the female restroom. =D).

I also took note that although the restaurant was aircon-less, it was actually cool.  I noticed that the windows were slanted and this might be the reason the place was airy.  A townhouse I looked at had the same design for the windows allowing natural air to go in.  I might be wrong….I was in Tagaytay anyway and the breeze might be a given regardless of the windows’ orientation…hahaha!


We were thinking whether to order dessert to cap our meal but cousin and I both concluded that the hot chocolate we ordered with our meals might have been too much on the sweet side because we requested for marshmallows (Php130 + Php10 yata for the giant marshmallow + service charge; note to self: order without one next time…whenever that is) so dessert was scrapped.  Now, our server might not have gotten our instructions for the eggs correctly (I ordered one sunny side up, one scrambled but got two sunny side ups; friend ordered both scambled and got one sunny side up and one scrambled instead; and cousin ordered well done and she got otherwise) and seemed hesitant to replace the eggs delivered to us but overall, the long drive was well worth it really because of the people with me who were generous with their food, effort, and time.  Nothing beats eating with good company!

Next stop: Bag of Beans

More pictures:

Love the intricate design of the backrest of these chairs
Painting above the door of the resto


View from the garden behind the resto
Spices by the door of the resto…for sale yata
Parking may be difficult…we had to park by the roadside outside

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