Monkeying with Tamayaki

Tamayaki – do you see the baby octopus?

I found this little store called Tea Monkey on J. Abad Santos, San Juan when I went to the area to buy scuba diving gear.  The name of the place itself is a giveaway of what it’s all about but more importantly, the tagline “tamayaki and tea” made it win for me versus its across-the-street neighbor Serenitea.  What in the world is “tamayaki?”  To my untrained tongue and eyes, it looked very much like takoyaki.  The server at the counter nodded so when I asked, “takoyaki ba yon?” but interestingly, my KingKong variant came with so much more toppings than the regular takoyaki I would buy in the malls.  Love the bonito flakes!  Needless to say, I went back for more the second time I was in the area.


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